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Knowing yourself!

As a certified practitioner, I help my clients discover and analyze their MBTI® profile, to get to know themselves better and thus interact more effectively with others in a personal, professional or even intercultural context.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) is a psychological assessment tool determining one's psychological type (out of 16). It follows the method proposed in 1962 by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katherine Cook Briggs based on the work of the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung. It is the most used in the world!

Preferences or personality types

Each of us has a different way of perceiving information and making decisions. These preferences have a considerable influence on our ways of reacting, our communication, our leadership, our needs, our strengths, our reactions in stressful situations.   The combination of these preferences leads to 16 distinct personality types.

Knowing your MBTI allows you to discover your motivation, your natural assets as well as the areas in which you can develop. This approach also helps to understand and appreciate people who are different from us. Its field of application is rich:

 The MBTI® is a strong added value in coaching to identify personal talents and develop them.


I am an MBTI® practitioner level 1 and 2. 

I am a coach, supervised and certified ICF (international Coach Federation).
I work according to the skills of the coach as defined by the International Coaching Federation and the rules of ethics related to the profession. Kindness and confidentiality are required.  
I offer sessions in French or English, with the possibility of doing e-coaching. 


​​​​Individuals: MBTI® inventory + debriefing & coaching (3h00). £385/€385. 

As a team: price according to demand. 

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