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Empowering you! 

Entrepreneurs, expatriates, in life or career transition: I accompany the decisive stages of life in a dynamic of success. I help my coachees to trust themselves, to open the field of possibilities, to identify their resources and to enrich themselves with the opportunities available to them.   As a coach, I am above all an outside eye, a neutral person present by your side to help you. 
Without judgment or advice. I work with you in the present to achieve your goal. Coaching is not therapy.

I am a facilitator who accompanies you for a shorter period than in therapy. 

I'm here to help you find your answers. Indeed, it is you who, guided by my questioning, will advance towards what you wish.


Of course, I may have to shake things up a bit, always with kindness,
to help you progress better. Coaching allows you to open up the field of possibilities, to develop awareness, to take a new look at the present situation and above all to carry out projects that you could not have carried out alone!

My approach

I am your partner in success. 
My mission is organized around specific questioning, awareness of blockages or "limiting beliefs", regular feedback, permissions to do things that you have not yet experienced and which could help you, suggestions and sharing of feelings, exercises or readings to be carried out from one session to another.​

My tools

I use coaching tools, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the tree of life, the Hudson or Apter models as well as intercultural issues for issues specifically related to expatriation. My work is organized around values, talents, motivations and questions of identity.   Certified practitioner in MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), I like to offer a personality inventory. Knowing yourself well ("know yourself"), becoming aware of your preferences, your reflexes in stressful situations and in your relationships with others, is the best gift you can give yourself. This advances very quickly in an awareness of oneself and one's approach to the outside world.


Sometimes it is difficult for us to have a clear mind when we are overwhelmed by emotions or stress.

I offer the possibility of going for a little walk on the side of Mindfulness to put in place immediately
relaxation and concentration techniques.   Mindfulness or full awareness consists of consciously living the present.
Its practice allows us to look at things differently, to understand that thoughts are just thoughts and that we are not our thoughts. It is not so easy! It brings a strong added value to coaching by allowing us to grasp our thought patterns before they take control and to be able to influence them.  

The intercultural

Consultant in Cultural Awareness for companies and organizations, I bring this intercultural dimension to my clients if necessary. Through intercultural coaching, I support entrepreneurs, managers, or members of an international team to develop skills that have become essential today. We then work in particular on becoming aware of the cultural filter, identifying the 'culture factor' in conflict resolution, and adapting behavior and communication towards others in a more demanding bicultural or multicultural context.


I am an accredited coach, supervised and certified ICF (international Coach Federation).
I work according to the skills of the coach as defined by the International Coaching Federation and the rules of ethics related to the profession. Kindness and confidentiality are essential.  
I offer sessions in French or English according to your needs and of course I offer the possibility of doing e-coaching (via Skype, Zoom or any other tool, from home, without traveling).


£90/€90 per session. 

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