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Customer testimonials -

Image by Edward Cisneros

Vicky, commercial 
automotive sector, Dakar 

"Expatriation coaching allowed me to find a job in the country where I followed my spouse. What was not won because I had not chosen this country and I had a lot of trouble adapt. By taking stock of my desires and my expectations, I even decided to make a dream come true: to be on the Board of Directors of my son's school. It is one of my pride and a real fun today."  

Image by Jack Finnigan

Peter, entrepreneur
fashion industry, London

"Coaching offers a rare listening space. It's rare to be listened to, without receiving advice from friends and family. I like the idea of thinking out loud, of being directed while gentleness. It loosens things in the head. After each session, I feel both more serene and revitalized. Ready to give my all in my business with very clear objectives. We never take stock of our motivations and our values and yet that is what really matters. That's what drives me forward."  

Image by Stephanie Liverani

Aurora, manager
recruitment, Paris

“With the birth of my second child, I stopped working for 2 years. When I had to leave, it was very difficult for me. I no longer had confidence in myself, in my abilities. anyway, you can't have everything. Coaching brings this in-depth work which allows you to realize what is blocking and to overcome it. I liked the fact that it was concrete, with actions to be put in place to one session after another"  

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