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'Our ability to reach uniqueness in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.'
Mahatma. Gandhi 

Coaching • Intercultural • MBTI

I help my clients to open the field of possibilities, to identify their resources and to enrich themselves with all the opportunities available to them to achieve development, orientation, integration, decision or resolution objectives.

Love the World

A module to become culturally more agile in a global context of globalization. 


- identify cultural differences creating obstacles in management, communication, commercial relations. 

- become aware of one's own culture or "cultural mindset".
- develop intercultural intelligence.

red brick wall with live, work, create_e

Coaching focused on professional or personal issues, with a specialty in entrepreneurship or expatriation if necessary.

- support in achieving objectives and, more broadly, in the success of projects. 

- a process, based on dialogue and oriented present/future, arousing reflection and creativity in order to maximize everyone's potential.

Paint Pots and Color Wheel

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the most widely used model for understanding different personality types in the world. It allows us to identify our "preferences" or different ways of perceiving information and making decisions.

The MBTI offers the possibility of getting to know each other better, orienting oneself professionally, and developing our talents.

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